A Guide to Buying Pine Furniture

If you’re considering buying pine furniture, this article is here to help. Find out about the different types of pine and how it’s used to make furniture

History of Pine Usage in Furniture

Now a stalwart in the furniture world – the use of pine wood in joinery and construction is thought to have originated in Northern Europe during the Bronze Age (about 3500 BC), where the abundance of pine and spruce trees were felled to make basic log cabins.

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A Brief History of Rustic Pine

If you were to ask the average person what they though pine might be used for, chance are that they would answer crafting or perhaps for the home woodworker to build things with. The last thing most people associate pine with is furniture.

Pine is a soft wood and nobody makes furniture with soft woods right? Wrong, you might be surprised to learn that rustic pine furniture has been around for a very long time and is once again becoming very popular.

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