About Pine Wood Furniture

Why choose pine wood for your furniture?

Pine is a soft wood that has long been sought for use in making home furnishings due to its characteristic style and naturally occurring fragrances. There are various types of pine furniture available for purchase, with each variety having to do with the way in which the pine wood is treated and crafted.

Much of the pine furniture used indoors is untreated and left in its natural rustic state. Pine’s definitive knots and markings give it character and add a unique quality to any room. It is especially attractive when used to make dressers, storage trunks, chests, and beds. Although pine furniture looks attractive, untreated pine is not recommended for homes with very small children who may handle furniture roughly. This is because pine is a soft wood, making it more prone to cracks and dents than oak or cherry woods.

Thanks to various wood treatments and finishes, it is possible to make pine furniture for outdoor use. Lawn chairs, tables, and benches used on patios and decks can all be crafted from solid pine. It is important to choose outdoor pine furniture that has been treated and sealed to prevent excessive warp age and cracking in direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions.

Choosing your pine wood furniture

There are few key things to look for when purchasing pine. First, check out the craftsmanship of the piece. It is natural for pine to have a few knots and rough spots, but anything further than that may mean that the item is not built as sturdily as should have been. If the piece has been finished or varnished, it is also wise to check the coating to be sure there are not uneven areas where the finish is noticeably thicker.

Pine furniture is best used in homes with low humidity and no small children. Treated pine will hold up better in a house with kids around, but it would still be wise to keep the pine furnishings out of the children’s bedrooms. Pine is also prone to shrinking, especially in wet climates. For this reason, only heavily treated pine furniture should be used in these locations.

Take special care to avoid spills or placing moist items on any pine furnishings. This will not only prevent warping of the wood, but also rings and stains that may be formed on the finish. Lastly, take care to use cleaning products made specifically for the treatment of real wood.