Free Standing Kitchens Leeds

Are you looking for Freestanding Kitchen Furniture in Leeds?

Why should the other rooms in your home have all the furnishing fun? Our free standing kitchen units are purchased individually, so you can arrange and rearrange them as your space and kitchen needs change, and even when you move homes.

Bespoke free standing kitchens for your home in Leeds

Our freestanding kitchens collection in Leeds have the same elegant simplicity of line as its fitted counterpart. Choose a colour of painted finishes & worktop options and a range of tactile handles, taps and sinks to create a bespoke look that’s perfect for your home, whether it has a contemporary or slightly more traditional feel.

Whether it be sitting alongside our bespoke fitted cabinetry, or complimenting an existing room set, these wonderfully original and distinctive pieces are sure to be a talking point amongst all those who are lucky enough to experience their beauty and charm.

Rainbows Free Standing Kitchens in Leeds’

If your looking for freestanding kitchen furniture in Leeds to enhance your home with the charm, style and modern sophistication of quality pine furniture, visit Rainbows Pine Furniture.
We craft beautiful pine furniture designed to look gorgeous, last for years and add a touch of time-honoured splendour to your home.

Explore our website to discover the beautiful range of pine furniture we have created for you. Browse our online shop or telephone us to find out more about the furniture, the styles and how we can help you find the perfect pine furniture for you to cherish and enjoy.